Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory


The  Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratories are composed of three physical spaces, each devoted to a different aspect of Paper and Bioproducts research; pilot plant, finishing laboratory, and TAPPI test laboratory.

The Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory pilot plant is a 4000 square foot facility with a range of pilot scale industrial equipment that includes;

  • N&W Former 12″ Paper Machine
  • Aurora two 10-liter digesters
  • M/K two 10-liter digesters
  • Aurora Oxygen Bleacher
  • Steam Gun
  • Hand sheet laboratory
  • Wet end chemistry laboratory
  • 12″ Sprout-Waldron Refiner and hydrapulper system

The finishing laboratory is a 750 square foot facility that is equipped specifically to process paper produced in the pilot plant.    It includes the following equipment;

  • 12″ wide automated sheet cutter/slitter
  • 12″ wide paper coater

The TAPPI test laboratory has a variety of analytical instrumentation for the physical testing of paper or ligno-cellulosic materials and composites.   It is a humidity and temperature controlled environment that includes the following test capabilities;

  • Optical Properties; brightness, ISO, whiteness, opacity, color
  • Mechanical Properties; tensile, tear, zero-span compression, internal bond strength, crush
  • Physical Properties; porosity, smoothness, formation