Primary Care Practicum

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About the Primary Care Practicum

The Primary Care Practicum (PCP) is an exciting part of the curriculum at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Since the curriculum renewal in 2015, all first year students complete this longitudinal exposure to primary care.  The program spans the calendar year from January to December.

Students start medical school with an intensive clinical immersion, where they receive early preparation for outpatient settings. During the Foundations Phase (a streamlined equivalent of the traditional first two years), they continue to engage in clinical skills workshops and in-patient bedside tutorials. The PCP offers students the opportunity to apply these skills in practice. Community physicians are the core of this new program and their participation positively influences the next generation of physicians.

More information is available below. If you have any questions, or are a physician interested in volunteering as a preceptor, please email us at

Faculty Information

Faculty are able to access online resources, development sessions, and teaching recommendations.

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We provide WWAMI-specific information for our Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Spokane students, staff, and faculty.

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