Final Countdown to Europe!


Wow, the time has flown by! In less than two weeks from today I will be landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam! Currently, I am in my last week of classes before heading overseas and it has been a pleasure getting to know my fellow study abroad companions and exploring some of the topics that will be covered while we are exploring the criminal justice system in the Netherlands. These classes have further boosted my excitement to get there!

Wrapped up with all of my excitement however, are many nerves as my biggest challenge these last couple of days until I leave the US, will be trying to figure out how I am going to get four weeks worth of clothes into ONE suitcase. I have been looking up videos and gathering some tips for how to pack while traveling abroad. So far I am thinking I will be bringing ten pairs of alternating leggings and shirts, which I will hand wash when necessary. One thing I have learned about traveling abroad is that the laundry services are not cheap and trying to get off to do some loads of laundry during this study abroad program will not be easy or convenient. Aside from clothes, I have been tying up the last loose ends in regards to contacting my bank, phone company, and insurance to make sure I have money, access to my phone, and coverage in case I become ill or injured during my time away. These last days leading to my flight on the 15th could not come fast enough!

*Interesting tidbit, I have decided to fly out of Canada instead of Seattle so I will have some time to sight-see there for a few days.

Stay tuned! -Amari

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