Dalton Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chemistry


Goal of Dalton Fellowship Program

The goal of the program is to advance discovery in the chemical sciences by supporting the most promising early career chemists. Dalton Postdoctoral Fellows will actively work with faculty members and their research groups in the Department of Chemistry to enhance and accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and scholarship. This postdoctoral fellowship program is made possible by a generous gift from Professor Emeritus Larry Dalton.

Duration of Appointment

The appointment is a non-renewable two-year term, contingent upon satisfactory performance.


Effective September 16, 2018, fellows will receive a generous salary of $70,000 per year, plus standard University of Washington benefits, along with a moving allowance of $3,000. Fellows who win additional funding from an outside fellowship may supplement their salary up to an additional 25%.

Annual Lecture

Dalton Postdoctoral Fellows will be required to give a research seminar in their second year.