Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center

April 12, 2019

Mary-Claire King, PhD

Mary-Claire King, PhD

Genome Sciences, Medicine (Medical Genetics)

Additional Titles: Associate Director
Medical Scientist Training Program

Affiliate Member
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Research Areas: Hearing
Research Interests: Inherited hearing loss
Genomics, molecular biology, cell biology
Work Summary: In our group, we use next generation sequencing approaches to identify genes responsible for complex human conditions. Our primary areas of interest are inherited breast and ovarian cancer, the genetics of schizophrenia, and Mendelian disorders in founder populations. Our goals are to identify and characterize critical genes in informative families and populations. We are particularly interested in disentangling genetic heterogeneity in complex traits, thereby revealing the individually rare severe alleles that cause common disorders. Our lab also applies genomic sequencing to the identification of victims of human rights abuses.
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