Undergrads & Interns

Jacquelyn McDonald

Jacquelyn is a capstone student who is investigating 17α-ethynylestradiol (EE2), a potent synthetic estrogen and endocrine disrupting compound. EE2 is an active ingredient in the birth control pill and has been found in environmentally relevant concentrations in waterways due to the inability of wastewater treatment systems to completely remove it. Even at parts per-trillion, EE2 can cause male fish to develop female sex organs.   Jacquelyn is testing the hypothesis that EE2 in wastewater impacts the immune system of of fish, leading to higher rates of mortality in fish.

Kyle Bretherton

Kyle is an undergraduate geography major at Dartmouth College, and is working with us in Spring 2018.  His foci are 1) developing a “hotspot” map of toxins across the Puget Sound region, and 2) a media analysis of environmental justice around wildfire


Amir Harding

Amir is a math & statistics major at the University of Victoria, in Canada.  In the Summer of 2018, Amir will be building a Bayesian Network Model which quantitatively links contact with “nature”  with various aspects of human well-being.