Dr. L. Monika Moskal

Prospective Students

Become a RSGAL graduate student 

In my Remote Sensing and Geospaltial Analysis Laboratory (RSGAL) I strive to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment to provide you with an opportunity to develop your leadership and independent critical thinking skills & research ideas in the areas of multiscale dynamics of landscape change through the application of remote sensing & GIS. We specifically focus on the three domains of hyperspatial (think LiDAR or sub 1m imagery), hyperspectral and hypertemporal remote sensing, and the fusion of these domains. The qualities we seek in a RSGAL team member include: dedication to research, aptitude for all types of problem solving, self motivation, independent critical thinking and a collaborative spirit.

You are encouraged to contact students & alumni of RSGAL to learn first-hand perspectives what you can expect from me, RSGAL & vise versa. If you would like to schedule a visit please contact me.

Finally, to pursue a graduate degree or post-doctoral research with RSGAL, you will  need to submit a formal application to the UW-SEFS Graduate Program. RSGAL application evaluation begins in the Summer to Fall each year and following our selection SEFS applications are reviewed in the fall. Notifications of acceptance are sent in the Spring & graduate programs begins in September.

Undertake an undergraduate project in RSGAL

To discuss an internship or capstone project make an appointment with me All RSGAL undergraduate interns are expected to present the project they are working on at the Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.