Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analysis Laboratory


The Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory (RSGAL) is the research partner of the Precision Forestry Cooperative (PFC) in the College of the Environment, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, Washington. The lab is located on the unceded land of the Duwamish and coastal Salish people who continue to steward the land and live among us. RSGAL was established by Dr. Moskal in 2003 at Missouri State University (June 2003 – May 2006) and moved to UW in 2006. RSGAL has two other co-PIs: Dr. Meghan Halabisky and Dr. Susan Prichard, the lab also houses students from Dr. V. Kane’s Forest Resilience Lab.

SEFS as viewed by ALS by J. Batchelor, RSGAL PhD Student, March 2019

Our Mission

Provide a diverse and research rich environment plus exceptional resources to understand multiscale dynamics of landscape change. RSGAL research promotes a transdisciplinary approach for sustainable management solutions to pressing environmental issues.

We strive to understand the fine details of spatiotemporal resolution of muti-aspect ecosystem processes & functions,  through the application of innovative geospatial techniques and datasets.

We use hyperspatial (<100cm) data including drone, aerial satellite imagery & ALS/TLS LiDAR We use hypertemporal (>100 temporal observations) data including Landsat, MODIS, AVHRR We use hyperspectral (>100 spectral observations) such as hymap, casi & hyperion data
We fuse these multiple domains of remote sensing resolution whenever appropriate