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Welcome to your brand new blog at University of Washington Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you.

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14th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society

The 14th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, June 24 – 28, 2018. Dan Raftery is the chair of the scientific organizing committee. The conference has an overall goal of Making...

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Biochemistry of Exercise-induced Metabolic Acidosis

Mitochondria and Metabolism Journal Club -  September 2016 Journal article presented by Michal Handzlik, PhD,  Senior Fellow in Tian Laboratory It is well recognized that both skeletal and cardiac muscle consume more carbohydrates during increased workload (e.g. high...

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Advances in Metabolomics

Daniel Raftery, PhD, Director of the Metabolomics Core Facility. The rapidly growing field of metabolomics focuses on the quantitative analysis of many hundreds of metabolites in complex specimens that include bio-fluids, tissues and cells. Small molecule metabolites...

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