An overview by Chun-Ling Sun, PhD, Acting Instructor.

Recent publications have attracted profound interests in metabolome and metabolism research in the powerful genetic model,  Caenorhabditis elegans.  Moreover, in a recent worm conference, the organization committee offered a workshop for discussion and communication to initiate a C. elegans community in metabolomics research. The workshop was primarily organized by Art Edison, Marian Walhout and Paul Sternberg: C. elegans Metabolomics and Metabolic Networks. Speakers include Art Edison, University of Georgia (chair), Charlie Baer, University of Florida, Frank Schroeder, Cornell University, Lutfu Safak Yilmaz, University of Massachusetts and Paul Sternberg, Caltech. This workshop provides 1) an overview of metabolomics, 2) methods for small molecule analysis, 3) metabolic networks and flux balance analysis 4) Reconstructed C. elegans metabolic network, and 5) intensive discussions to organize and coordinate efforts in worm metabolomics. Undoubtedly, more metabolomics-genetics combined approaches will largely speed up accomplishments of sophisticated biological issues, e.g. longevity, anti-cancer drug resistance, stroke, and heart diseases.

Cell (2017) Understanding the Intersections between Metabolism and Cancer Biology—–Review

Cell (2017) Bacterial Metabolism Affects the C. elegans Response to Cancer Chemotherapeutics

Cell (2017) Host-Microbe Co-metabolism Dictates Cancer Drug Efficacy in C. elegans

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