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Vincent Persichetti

Personal Biography:



Guggenheim Fellowships (1958, 1968, 1973)

American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Prize (1948)


Compositions for Winds: 

Chorale Prelude: O God Unseen (1984) for Band

A Lincoln Address (1973) for Band and Narrator

Parable IX (1972) for Band

O Cool is the Valley (1971) for Band

Parable II (1968) for Brass Quintet

Celebrations (1966) for Wind Ensemble and Chorus

Chorale Prelude: Turn Not Thy Face (1966) for Band

Masquerade (1965) for Band

Chorale Prelude: So Pure the Star (1962) for Band

Bagatelles (1961) for Band

Serenade No. 11 (1960) for Band

Symphony No. 6 (1956) for Band

Pageant (1953) for Band

Psalm (1952) for Band

Divertimento (1950) for Band

Pastoral (1942) for Woodwind Quintet

Serenade No. 1 (1929) for Winds