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Chen Yi

Biographical Information:



Charles Ives Living Award (2001)

Guggenheim Fellowship (1996)


Compositions for Winds:

Ba Yin (2015) for Winds

Dragon Ryhme (2010) for Wind Ensemble

Suite for China West (2008) for Wind Ensemble

Woodwind Quintet No. 3 (2008) for Woodwind Quintet

Tu (2003) for Wind Ensemble

Spring Festival (2002) for Winds

Dunhuany Fantasy (2000) for Winds

KC Capriccio (2000) for Winds

Song of the Great Wall (1999) for 8 French Horns

Feng (Woodwind Quintet No. 2) (1998) for Woodwind Quintet

Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds (1998)

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1987) for Woodwind Quintet

Wind for Wind Ensemble