Nicolas Wittstock

Nicolas Wittstock is a graduate student in the political science department at the University of Washington. He is also a Graduate Fellow, Center for Environmental Politics and a Clean Energy Institute Fellow and DIRECT Trainee. Nic is interested in Comparative Politics, European Politics, Political Economy, Public Policy, Science and Technology, Surveillance and Privacy, Economic Development and Innovation. He is the webmaster for the Political Economy Forum and helps run this organization.


Blog Posts:

Zero-sum thinking on immigration will make America poorer

Digitalization, Superstar-Economics, and Major League Baseball

The Economic, Political & Cultural Follies of Kicking Foreign Students Out

A Tale of TikTok and Tariffs – US Technology Policy Towards China


Working Papers:

Explaining the rise of anti-immigration parties: changes in preferences and issue salience after the 2015 refugee crisis in Italy (with Beatrice Magistro)

Of TikTok and Tariffs: a historical and analytical perspective on Technology Transfer to China (with Victor Menaldo)