Doctoral students:

  1. Hashem Mohammad
  2. Isaac Abhram
  3. Xu Xu

Current Undergraduate students:

  1. Yiren Wang
  2. Rey Ching
  3. Mathew Rogers

Previous doctoral students:

  1. Zhenni Jenny Wan, Thesis on RRAM Experiments, Went to Maxim Integrated
  2. Yunqi Zhao, Thesis on Algorithms for Modeling Nanodevices, Went to Electronic Arts
  3. Golam Rabbani, Thesis on Nanowires, Went to Sony and then Intel
  4. Jie Liu, Thesis on Phase change devices, Went to Synopsys, Now Professor at Hunan University
  5. Anita Fadavi, Thesis on photodetectors, Went to startup followed by Univ of Gotheburg
  6. Daryoush Shiri, Thesis on light-nanowire interaction, Went to IQC followed by Univ of Gotheburg

Previous postdocs:

  1. Jency Sundararajan, Now Professor at SMSU
  2. Surang Edirisinghe, Went to GSU
  3. Andre Buin, Went to Univ of Toronto
  4. Amit Verma, Professor at TAMU, Kingsville
  5. Alexei Svizhenko, Went to NASA Ames Research Center, Now at Synopsys
  6. Chrisophe Adessi, Maître de Conférence, Institut Lumière Matière (ILM)