Chantel S. Prat

Chantel Prat, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chantel PratChantel Prat’s research investigates the biological basis of individual differences in cognition, with an emphasis on understanding the shared neural mechanisms underpinning language and higher-level executive abilities. Her research has employed fMRI, TMS, DTI, end ERPs to explore such mechanisms. She is currently investigating the overlap between language and executive functioning in bilinguals, who outperform monolinguals on tests of executive functioning, and in individuals with autism spectrum disorder, who exhibit impairments in both language and executive functions. She earned her Ph.D. at U.C. Davis, and completed her postdoctoral work at Carnegie Mellon, looking at network-level characterizations of cognitive capacity. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, with appointments in Psychology, at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, and in the Neurobiology and Behavior Program. Click here to view her personal website or CV.