Human-centered design is the focus of my research and it simultaneously influences my student-centered approach to teaching. I design educational experiences by understanding my audience and their goals, trying things out, getting feedback, and making changes.

Classes I regularly teach at UW Tacoma, see the time schedule for the current offerings.

  • TWRT 291: Technical Communication in the Workplace
  • TWRT 292:¬†Power, Privilege, and Bias in Technology Design
  • TCOM 320: Principles of Web Design
  • TWRT 350: Principles of User-Centered Design
  • TWRT 355: Usability Testing and Research
  • TWRT 391: Advanced Technical Communication
  • TIAS 491: Professional Portfolio Design
  • TIAS 499: Undergraduate Research

Emma stands next to a group of students who are working on a drone