Database Spotlight: SAGE Research Methods Online

This database would have, if I am honest, made my undergraduate years (way back when) a lot easier. Faculty: this is a fantastic tool to refer your students to if you are teaching an Intro to Research Methods course, and content could easily be embedded in your curriculum!

SAGE Research Methods Online is a really nifty database that you have access to as a staff, student, or faculty at the University of Washington.  In a nutshell, SAGE Research Methods offers access to

  • classic and cutting edge books on research methods,
  • videos by professionals in your discipline describing the research methods used in your field,
  • links to pithy and succinct encyclopedia entries about methodology (“qualitative research”),
  • and much, much more.

Here’s what SAGE has to say about their database:

…supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process. Nearly everyone at a university is involved in research, from students learning how to conduct research to faculty conducting research for publication to librarians delivering research skills training and doing research on the efficacy of library services. SAGE Research Methods has the answer for each of these user groups, from a quick dictionary definition, a case study example from a researcher in the field, a downloadable teaching dataset, a full-text title from the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series, or a video tutorial showing research in action.

Screenshot from SAGE Research Methods online database showing their video series on research methodology
Screenshot from SAGE Research Methods Online


You will find case studies that can help deepen your understanding on methodology. There is a “design your own research project” function, which features a project planning checklist that seems extremely useful.  You can search by discipline (anthropology, counseling and psychotherapy, history, social work, computer science, and more!).  Information is presented as text, video, or audio, so you can pick a format you feel comfortable with.

Screenshot from SAGE research methods online database, featuring their project management checklist

The search interface is intuitive (advanced search lets you limit your search to your discipline!), and the graphic interface is uncluttered and easy on the eyes.  If you are feeling at all stuck with understanding research methodology, or need a new way to present methodology to your students, check it out!

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