Forest Resilience Lab

About FRL

In the Forest Resilience Laboratory, we are forest and fire landscape ecologists who make extensive use of high-fidelity remote sensing data, especially airborne lidar, to enable analyses ranging in scale from stands to landscapes.

Forests across the world are under stress from climate change, legacies of management, and fire.  Our work studies the causes and effects of these forces on forest resilience, and we work with forest managers to apply our findings to improve forest resilience.

Our studies have included the effects of fire and drought, habitat, biomass, forest assessments, and restoration planning to improve forest resilience.

Please review our publications and funded projects for a better sense of our mission and work.

Our lab is led by Dr. Van R. Kane, a Research Assistant Professor as part of the Precision Forestry Collaborative in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences with in the University of Washington, College of the Environment. Our lab includes undergraduate, master’s and doctoral graduate students, analysts, and faculty. We frequently partner with other labs in our School as well as outside of the University of Washington.





A couple pictures of Drought-induced tree mortality and vegetation regeneration in different regions.

Drought-induced tree mortality, Sierra National Forest, California, Credit: USFS Region 5

Vegetation regeneration after a burn, Colville National Forest, Washington, Credit: Andrew J. Larson