Current projects funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Social Norms and Skills-Training: Motivating Campus Change (PI: Larimer)

Developing a Brief Early Cognitive Intervention for PTSD and Alcohol Misuse (PI: Bedard-Gilligan)

Event-Level Unintended Heavy Drinking, Protective Strategies, and Consequences (PI: Fairlie)

Personalized Mobile App Intervention: Challenging Alcohol Expectancies to Reduce High-Risk Alcohol Use and Consequences (PI: Lee)

Intensive Daily Measurement of Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use in a High-Risk Community Sample of Young Adults: Impacts on Acute and Longer Term Use and Consequences (PI: Lee)

Developmental Models of High-Risk Alcohol Use & Social Roles in Young Adulthood (PI: Lee)

Evaluating Change in Drinking Identity as a Mechanism for Reducing Hazardous Drinking (PI: Lindgren)

Web-Based Treatment of Heavy Drinking Among Women with a History of Sexual Trauma (PI: Stappenbeck)

Iterative Intervention Development for High-Risk Teen Alcohol Use: A Multi-Method, Multi-Level Examination of Engagement in Substance-Free Activities and High-Risk Alcohol and Substance Use (PI: Cadigan)

Engaging Social Support to Prevent High-Risk Drinking and Posttraumatic Stress After Sexual Assault: Developing and Testing a Web-Based Intervention (PIs: Dworkin & Kaysen)

Current projects funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Marijuana Use, Extinction Learning, and Exposure Therapy in Individuals with PTSD (PI: Bedard-Gilligan)

Cannabis Identity as a Cognitive Behavior Risk Factor for Young Adult Cannabis Misuse (PI: Ramirez)

Personalized Health Assessment Related to Medications (PIs: Kilmer, Arria, Cimini)

Motivational and Contextual Influences on Patterns of Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use: A Daily Assessment Study (UW Subcontract PI: Kilmer)


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