UW Tacoma 25Live Blog

December 9, 2018

Starring your favorite locations, department, etc.

One of the great shortcuts in submitting Simple Meeting and Event space requests in 25Live is having your favorites starred in the system so they pop-up for you automatically.  We recommend that you star your favorite locations, your department and any events that you want to have visible on your dashboard.

To Star your Favorite Locations:

1.  Click on the Locations Tab
2.  Type in the name of one of your favorite locations
3.  Click on the “star” to the right of the location to make it a favorite.  The star will turn yellow once it has been made a favorite.

You can follow the same instructions to star your department.
Go to the Organizations Tab and Search for your department name.  Remember to select the UWT department.

You can follow the same instructions to star your events.
Go to the Events Tab and Search for your events by name.  You can also star an event on the event details page after you have submitted your space request.

If you have questions or need assistance with starring your favorites please let a member of the implementation team know and we are happy to assist!

Your 25Live Project Implementation Team:
Ana Marie Alameda, BrieAnna Bales, Bill Fritz, Jeremy Homolka, Chelsea Kastelnik, Hal Tippens