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July 16, 2019

25Live Pro is Now Live!

25Live Pro is now live at UW Tacoma! Please use this link to ensure you are in the latest version of the system: https://tacoma.uw.edu/25live. I suggest that you spend a few minutes watching these tutorial videos, created by the talented Zvon Casanova in the Center of Student Involvement, to help you navigate the new system:…

May 14, 2019

Scheduling After Hours

Are you ever trying to schedule a space and it shows the space as unavailable due to blackout or location hours/closed?  Below are details on how you request space during blackouts or outside of closed/location hours. 1.  It is possible to reserve space during the closed hours or the blackout hours during break weeks. It…

March 7, 2019

2019-20 Scheduling Open + Important Dates for Scheduling

Colleagues, Monday, March 4 was the first day you may schedule self-reserve conference rooms or submit event space requests for the next academic year (Sept 2019 – Aug 2020) in 25Live. All event space requests are subject to approval. Conference rooms, on the other hand, do not require approval from a scheduling office so once…

February 2, 2019

New field in 25Live: Revision Notes

Colleagues, You will notice a new field when editing your reservations in 25Live called, “Revision Notes.” We’ve enabled this feature so that anyone editing your reservation – you, a space scheduler or support department – will have to briefly describe the change being made. This is in response to recent feedback received about the content…

December 20, 2018

What we love about 25Live – #2

#2 It’s mobile friendly

December 19, 2018

What we love about 25Live – #3

#3 Conference rooms are available for self-scheduling

December 18, 2018

What we love about 25Live – #4

#4 RSOs enter their requests in 25Live

What we love about 25Live – #5

#5 You can copy existing requests (cuts down on entry time)

December 14, 2018

What we love about 25Live – #6

#6 There is only one system and one form!

What we love about 25Live – #7

#7 No duplicate entry for schedulers!

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