Library Photo of the Week

Snail clings to outside of window. Background includes skybridge, tree, brick building, and cobble trail.
(Photo courtesy of C. McDaniel)

One of our Research Specialists discovered this patron making slow-but-steady progress along a window outside the silent study carrels in the Tioga Library Building earlier this week. We do not know what their research goals are but we surmise that they might be partaking in UW Tacoma’s Urban Studies program. We applaud their persistence in collecting data–as of this sighting they were two stories above the Prairie Line Trail! If they’re looking for literature on the subject, they’ll need to find a way¬†into the building and up to the second floor in order to access the stacks holding the items cataloged with call numbers HT101-395, “Urban groups, the city, urban sociology.” They’d be best served by visiting the subject guide for Urban Studies at UW Tacoma which highlights resources (physical and digital) and research strategies well-suited to students in that major. They could also make an appointment with the UW Tacoma Library urban studies subject liaison Erika Bailey, to get acquainted with the information landscape available to them.

Best wishes to our snail buddy and to all our scholars in pursuit of knowledge!

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