Tabling in the SNO

As one of the most trafficked passageways connecting upper campus to the main strip of academic buildings, the SNO lobby is an excellent place to spread the word about campus programs or even hold promotional events.

Past and Recurring programs:

  • The Library and TLC host “Sources and Citations” events every quarter to provide last minute help with assignments before finals week
  • UW Tacoma’s first annual Hackathon hosted ‘Tech Petting Zoos’ at the table to familiarize students with the technology available for the Hackathon.
  • Academic Advising tables in the lobby one day mid-week most academic quarters to provide outreach to students
  • Campus Safety & Security has offered tagging services to mark your valuable devices so they can be identified if lost or stolen

Image of tabling in SNO Lobby

Your department or student group can connect with the campus community here, it’s as easy as reaching out to Hannah Wilson, the Access Services Manager at the Library to see what times are available. For a one time event or something ongoing, the library is eager to partner with you!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Library events may supersede reservations by other groups. Library staff endeavor to reserve the table at least two weeks in advance to avoid disrupting other potential reservations
  • The table is only available to UW affiliated groups
  • Campus departments and units have first claim to the table when it is not in use by the library
  • Student groups may use the table, but must be RSOs.
  • To reserve the table email Hannah Wilson, or contact library staff through

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