SEFS Information Technology

Desktop Support

Desktop support keeps day-to-day business operations moving forward on the workstation-level.  We are happy to help address any questions or issues you may have regarding hardware, operating systems, application, printing.  We also provide troubleshooting and diagnosis for those particularly frustrating roadblocks that pop up…most often unexpectedly.  Please understand that due to UW Policy and information privacy laws, we can only provide desktop support for UW-owned devices.  If you need assistance with a personal device, UW-IT offers the Computer Vet service, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Odegaard Library and is available to all UW students, faculty and staff.

Below you will find information regarding the most common questions we receive; content on this page will be added to and adjusted as needed.  If you don’t find the information you are seeking here, please email or call 206-616-7365 for further assistance.

For information on using Madrona Virtual Desktops, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Installing Software

For your convenience, all SEFS devices are configured with an ‘install account’ to grant standard users temporary administrative privileges in order to install software when needed.  For assistance with installation or for install account credentials, please call SEFS IT at 206-616-7365.  For security reasons, credentials cannot be communicated electronically.

Printing with PaperCut

SEFS IT uses PaperCut print management software to track and control print jobs send to copiers throughout Anderson (AND), Bloedel (BLD) and Winkenwerder Forest Sciences Laboratory (WFS.)  Instead of sending print jobs to specific printers, users decide between black & white or color print queues; jobs can then be released from the copier using your Husky Card.

Copier Locations

Copiers in bold type are capable of color printing and advanced finishing options such as stapling and hole punching.

  • AND Ground Floor hallway
  • AND 115
  • AND 2nd Floor hallway
  • BLD 1st Floor hallway, across from SEFS IT offices
  • BLD 253
  • BLD 3rd Floor hallway, near vending machine
  • WFS 022
  • WFS 2nd Floor hallway, near central stairwell

Getting Started

Before using PaperCut for the first time, users must be enrolled in the PaperCut user database.  To enroll in this service, please visit the Front Desk in Anderson 107 for assistance.  You must provide your UW NetID as well as the appropiate budget number(s) to which your prints will be charged.  Users will have access to this service one business day after being added to the database.

When releasing your first print job, you will be prompted to enter your UW NetID and password on the copier’s touchscreen.  This must only be done once to register your credentials to your Husky Card, after which you can simply tap your Husky Card on the labeled card reader.

Using PaperCut Web Print

For instruction on how to upload and release print jobs from the PaperCut web application using your browser, click here.

Printing from Macs

We are pleased to announce that PaperCut printing is now supported on Macs, however, initial configuration of the PaperCut client is a bit tricky.  To get started, please contact SEFS IT for assistance.


If the PaperCut client is not behaving as expected and you are using a PC, please download this file.  Then:

  1. locate the downloaded file titled Restart
  2. Right click on the file and select Extract to unzip the file, then click OK.  You should now see a second folder called Restart PaperCut
  3. Open this folder and move its contents, Restart PaperCut.bat, to your desktop for future use.
  4. Double click the .bat file

Doing so will close down any problematic instances of the PaperCut client and relaunch it.  If you’re still experiencing issues after following this procedure, or if you use a Mac, please submit a support request with SEFS IT.

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