Prospective Residents & Fellows

Thank you for your interest in pursuing residency or fellowship training at the University of Washington!

Eligibility, Selection, and Application Requirements

UW Resident and Fellow Eligibility and Selection Policy

Application and recruitment timelines vary by program. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements of your residency or fellowship program of interest.

Residency and Fellowship Position Appointment (RFPA) Agreement

The RFPA is the appointment agreement between individual residents and fellows and the University of Washington.  All residents and fellows sign this agreement annually.

UW Housestaff Association (UWHA) Collective Bargaining Agreement

The University of Washington Housestaff Association (UWHA) is the certified labor union and exclusive bargaining representative for the majority of residents and fellows in the UW School of Medicine (UW SOM) and in the UW School of Dentistry (UW SOD).  The UWHA Contract was ratified November 1, 2016, and will be in effect through June 30, 2019.  We are currently in negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement with the UWHA.


The UW Summary of Benefits for Residents and Fellows summarizes the various benefits that UW provides to employees.

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