Prospective Residents & Fellows

Thank you for your interest in pursuing residency or fellowship training at the University of Washington!

Please view Dr. Joyner’s message to you. Then take a moment to learn a little about what life is like in Seattle and what you can expect from a residency or fellowship at the University of Washington.

Letter to Prospective Residents and Fellows from Dr. Joyner

Update on Recruitment for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

The University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) supports the recommendations by The Coalition for Physician Accountability released in May 2020 addressing recruitment for the 2020-2021 academic year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and physician education.  This includes the transition to virtual interviews,  No in-person interviews will be conducted at any time during this recruitment season, including in-person interviews for our own local UW medical students or residents.

Applying to Our Programs

Application and recruitment timelines vary by program. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements of your residency or fellowship program of interest.


International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Graduates of foreign medical schools must hold valid ECFMG Certification prior to starting in a residency program, and as a condition of eligibility for application to fellowship programs.

In response to the suspension of Step 2 CS by the USMLE program, the ECFMG has identified pathways that will allow qualified IMGs who have not passed Step 2 CS to meet the requirements for ECFMG Certification for the 2021 Match. Please refer to the Requirements for ECFMG Certification for the 2021 Match on the ECFMG website for detailed information on the pathway application process.

Residency and Fellowship Position Appointment (RFPA) Agreement

The RFPA is the appointment agreement between individual residents and fellows and the University of Washington.  All residents and fellows sign this agreement annually.

UW Housestaff Association (UWHA) Collective Bargaining Agreement

The University of Washington Housestaff Association (UWHA) is the certified labor union and exclusive bargaining representative for the majority of residents and fellows in the UW School of Medicine (UW SOM) and in the UW School of Dentistry (UW SOD).


The UW Summary of Benefits for Residents and Fellows summarizes the various benefits that UW provides to employees.