Monthly Archives: September 2012

Climate Change Will Shift Marine Predators’ Habitat

Climate change in the ocean is causing both water temperature and sea level to rise. This means that many species of marine organisms are going to be experiencing drastic ecosystem shifts in the near future. A group of Canadian and American scientists have analyzed what these shifts could mean for large marine predators by combining tracking data from tagged predators with surface chlorophyll and temperature measurements taken by satellites. These data sets made it possible to model dynamic ocean habitats for large ocean predators for the first time.

Zip Tie Organization!

Hey COASSTers! We had a great tip passed along this week from a fellow volunteer who has found a novel way of organizing her zip ties. Check it out and give it a try!

“We used one large-ish (2 inch diamater) spice container (it had had cinnamon in it, so the smell was a plus!) to contain the entire color spectrum of zip ties we take in the field. With the large, square end of the zip tie facing up in the container, it was easy to see the colors and to grab an individual tie, even wearing nitrile gloves! We covered the color code sheet with a plastic baggie and taped it to the outside of the container for reference purposes. It worked pretty well. Feel free to pass the method along to others!”

First Japanese Tsunami Debris Items Turn up in Hawaill

Japanese articles from the 2011 tsunami have begun to wash up on Hawaiian beaches. Free floating debris is often inhabited by opportunistic species, such as barnacles and crabs. These creatures are common in Hawaii but scientist now wonder whether this debris will act as a means of transport for invasive species as well.