Evaluation timing and results access

When are courses and instructors evaluated?

Students will be asked to fill out weekly course evaluations consisting of two open ended questions on the progress of their course each Friday throughout the block. On the last Friday of the block, students will be asked to complete a lengthier end of block evaluation, consisting of quantitative and qualitative items.

Instructors may be evaluated mid-block, or at the end of the block. To be evaluated, instructors must teach four or more sessions during the course of the block (assessed via Opal reports). If the instructor teaches four sessions prior to the mid-block evaluation, but is not teaching any subsequent sessions, they will be evaluated mid-block only. If an instructor is teaching four or more sessions, and any of those sessions falls after the mid-block evaluation, then that instructor will only be evaluated at the end of the block.

Who has access to evaluation results?

Weekly evaluations and end of block evaluation results can only be accessed by site and block leads, and select administrative personnel. It is at the discretion of the site leads to distribute these evaluations as necessary.

Instructor evaluations can be viewed by site and block leads, select administrative personnel, and for individual instructor evaluations, only those instructors being evaluated. Instructors will not be able to view the evaluation results of other instructors.


Additional details on evaluation policies can be found here.